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Granddaddy’s Trees is a family business and operates with a passion for supplying the freshest, most beautiful North Carolina Christmas Trees. Since 1975 Larry Elliott, aka “Granddaddy”, has taken pride in growing and grooming the perfect trees at his farm in Glendale Springs, NC.  His love for the making Christmas memorable is shared by his family.  Greg and Sandy Taylor (daughter) and their three sons, Josh, Jon and Jackson own and operate Granddaddy's Trees in Greenville, SC and surrounding areas. Their passion for the business shows - ask any Granddaddy's customer!

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How to Care for Your Granddaddy’s Christmas Tree

  1. We recommend letting us put a “fresh cut” on the bottom of the tree you  purchase from Granddaddy’s. This will allow the tree to drink water as long as possible.
  2. After getting your tree home, please get it into water as quickly as possible! Even if you do not take it inside right away, stand your tree in a bucket of water immediately.
  3. Make sure your stand fits your tree and that the water in the stand does not go dry. If that happens, the water intake will quickly slow to a stop.
  4. Check the water in your tree stand EVERY day! Some larger trees can drink up to a gallon a day for the first few days. Maintaining a steady level of water can keep your needles from falling off, boughs from drooping and will keep the tree fragrant longer.
  5. Your tree has never had Sprite or Aspirin before, so water is just fine. But feel free to try anything, as long as it gets water.
  6. Keep your tree away from heat.
  7. Be sure to use only UL approved lights, cords and devices on your tree.

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!                                   Download the PDF here: Caring for Your Tree.pdf